“It gives me great pleasure to welcome the opening of a new nomination period,” said Lord Ara Darzi, Chair of the Aurora Prize Selection Committee and Co-Director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London. “Esteemed members of the Selection Committee and I are looking forward to discovering new and inspiring candidates and the compelling stories they bring. Every year, people from across the globe nominate hundreds of grassroots activists they deem worthy of this humanitarian award, and we feel honored to be able to shine a light on their remarkable achievements.”

Any person can submit a nomination, which is then reviewed to assess the eligibility of the nominee. After an initial assessment, a shortlist of Nominees is determined by the members of the Aurora Prize Expert Panel. Three Aurora Humanitarians are then selected out of the shortlisted candidates, and the Laureate ultimately determined by the Aurora Prize Selection Committee and announced at the Aurora Prize Ceremony.

On May 9, 2024, Denis Mukwege was named the 2024 Aurora Prize Laureate at the Ceremony in Los Angeles, California. Dr Mukwege was recognized for his fearless efforts to increase protections for women and to advocate that those responsible for sexual violence be brought to justice. He received a unique opportunity to continue the cycle of giving by allocating the $1 million award to support grassroots activists that help people in need.

Founded on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative seeks to address on-the-ground humanitarian challenges around the world and has already benefited more than 3.2 million people in greatest need.

Photo: Marguerite Barankitse with schoolchildren in Kigali. CREDIT: Tina Hillier